At Fuel Doctors, we take pride in our fuel additive products, and we’re always thrilled to hear about the amazing experiences our customers have with them. Today, we’re excited to share a collection of video testimonials from real customers who have not only tried our products but have also taken the time to document their experiences on YouTube. These firsthand accounts demonstrate the true power and effectiveness of Fuel Doctors’ fuel additives. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into these remarkable success stories!

Video 1: Annie the Grader Rides Again: New Tires & is Fuel Doctor Magic? by Jack Out The Back

Join Jack and Ant as they make a triumphant return to the grader, armed with new tires and a secret weapon – Fuel Doctor, a fuel treatment recommended by our fantastic viewers after previous fuel system issues. Let’s find out if it works, as we put it to the test.


For a long time we have been testing different fuel additives that work in keeping the fuel system clean and healthy. This time we have the Fuel Doctor fuel additive that works on Petrol and Diesel engines. Fuel Doctor has got composition that makes it perform like a fuel system cleaner, fuel conditioner and fuel stabilizer. The fuel doctor claims to stabilize petrol for 2 years and diesel for 5 years. The Doctor was used on the Tvs apache rtr 200 4v and the video reports its performance and fuel efficiency. To test the cleaning capabilities and effect on sludge and varnish the Fuel Doctor was used as Diesel additive to clean the drive chain on the BMW G310R.

Video 3: DOES FUEL DOCTOR WORK?!?! by TWO x 4X4

Hey guys did a test to see if fuel doctor actually does break down water in fuel, very interesting results. Hope you all enjoy.

Video 4: Fuel Doctor Magic by David Dickson

Fuel Dr is great stuff. I’ve used it for about 4 tanks now (around 4000kms). It’s smoothed out my acceleration which could have been caused from possibly a gummed up or blocked injector. Within the 2nd tank it had cleared out and now the car revs to 3000rpm smoothly without any hesitation.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed these insightful video testimonials from our valued customers. At Fuel Doctors, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch fuel additives that not only improve your vehicle’s performance but also save you money on fuel costs. These real-life success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of our products, and we’re grateful to our customers for sharing their experiences with the world.

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Thank you for being a part of the Fuel Doctors family, and remember, better fuel means a better ride!

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