Tribologists agree that the by-products of combustion are the catalyst for premature failure of engine oil and component wear.

With the development of the product “Fuel Doctor” and the increasing engineering workload, Fuel Doctors looked to compliment their expertise with a similar organisation in marketing and distribution.

Born in London, the company’s founder fostered a goal to see Fuel Doctor distributed in the UK. This narrowed the field of complimentary organisations with the appropriate colonial connections to just two: BP and Castrol.

Fuel Doctors were subcontracting to BP at the time, providing tank cleaning and preventative maintenence services, when Lou Achterberg, Technical Services Manager for Castrol Queensland, called. Lou advised that Brisbane Bus Lines (BBL) were having fuel-related issues.

Coincidently Fuel Doctors had cleaned a number of boat tanks, whose owners were using Castrol diesel fuel conditioner (DFC-manufactured by a third party) that was not performing to their satisfaction – hence the invitation to BBL. The successful outcome led to a conference with Neil M’ctavish, National Technical Services Manger, in August 1994. Castrol Agri needed a fuel related product to maintain fuel quality during the sugar farming lay period.

At the commencment of the crush tractors and cane locos were constantly failing with blocked fuel filters due to microbial contamination.

Negotiations and supply to Castrol Queensland continued whilst Head Office conducted quantitative field trials within their Agri-Industrial business. The results prompted the deletion of DFC and a joint branding distribution agreement was signed in May 2000.

The purchase of Castrol by BP led to Fuel Doctor being subjected to independent laboratory testing to ensure it had no detrimental effect to BP fuels. The comprehensive testing concluded with a positive outcome for all fuels including the high frequency reciprocating rig test that confirmed increased diesel lubricity.

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