Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner is specifically formulated for Diesel, Petrol and Two-stroke fuel systems to clean gums, varnish and carbon deposits, disperse moisture, kill and disperse microbial material whilst increasing lubricity.

The by-products of Fuel Doctor’s formulation are increased thermal efficiency equating to a nominal increase in power, economy plus a decrease in particulate (unburnt fuel).

Fuel Doctor breaks fuel contaminants into sub-micron particles allowing them to pass safely and harmlessly through the fuel system to combustion, with no detrimental effects to fuel pumps, injectors catalytic converters or particulate filters.

Fuel Doctor will stabilise and extend fuel storage life for up to twenty four months for petrol and five years for diesel.

Specialist fuel tank cleaning

Fuel Doctors specialise in fuel tank cleaning, established in 1994, our initial focus was the cleaning of underground fuel tanks for emergency power generators in the high-rise buildings of Brisbane’s central business district, the next phase of our business included the de-sludging and cleaning of underground tanks in service stations, truck stops and marinas.

Underground, emergency power generator fuel tanks have a man way access for cleaning, service stations, truck stops and marinas do not, consequently Fuel Doctors had to develop a new system of cleaning, leading to the in-house formulation of Fuel Doctor fuel conditioner/tank cleaner, that we use as a tool of trade in conjunction with filtration and centrifuges to clean inaccessible fuel tanks.

The cleaning of Inaccessible fuel tanks in emergency generators, boats, earthmoving equipment and agricultural machinery over the past twenty-four years has kept us abreast of Australia’s ever-changing fuel quality, whilst providing the hands-on research and development necessary to ensure Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner meets the needs of all fuel consumers.

Research indicates that we are the only fuel additive manufacturing company in the world that makes its own fuel system cleaner and uses it on a daily basis to generate eighty percent of its income through the cleaning of fuel tanks.

No marketing hype, snake oil or smoke and mirrors here just consistent diligent attention to detail and hard work has given Fuel Doctors a credible edge in a very competitive industry.

  • "I was initially skeptical about Fuel Doctor, but the results speak for themselves. Over the past six months, I’ve not only seen my Yaris's fuel efficiency improve from 7.5 to 6.3 liters/100km, but I also enjoy an extra 111 km per tank. This product is not only a money-saver but also an easy step towards being more environmentally conscious by reducing my fuel use. Highly recommend!" — Simon
  • To whom it may concern: Wow! How utterly delightful to find a company totally passionate about their field! I rang for some general advice on quantities to mix for long term petrol storage and got treated to tons and tons of info relating to care for my engine. I am going to also start using the product in the car all the time and will report back on the results. Thank you so much for the wealth of info freely given and with such amazing cheer/humour. Love the cockney accent BTW :) Regards Simon Seacliff Park Adelaide
  • Adds from Maitland writes via supercheapauto:


    It’s great stuff especially for older motorcycles & Diesel vehicles definitely helps them with the low quality fuels we get these days helps stop clogging up the fuel system on bikes and cars van trucks.
  • Steve was a huge help with guidance on how to fix my fuel tank problem myself. Save me $500+ Thanks Steve!
  • Just a quick shout out to fuel doctor. Brilliant product if you are suffering fuel problems. Have used it on 2 petrol and 1 diesel cars, and it saved me a boat load of money. Can't recommend this product enough. That's all. 🙂
  • "2020 was the year we picked to do the lap around Oz but from the outset I decided to have an extra insurance policy in the form of Fuel Doctor. Our vehicle is a 2018 Isuzu D-Max so didn’t have too many K,s on the clock but it was my resolve to use Fuel Doctor from the outset. Although not using every fill I believe it has assisted in easy starting (still running original battery) and no nasty black cloud from the exhaust. Our first real test of Fuel Doctor was when we met up with friends in Adelaide when I was presented with an edge trimmer that would start but die ounce the throttle was applied. Out came the Fuel Doctor and within minutes it was running like new. Next was a small quad bike of friends in WA, very hard to start but again within minutes of adding Fuel Doctor it was running beautifully. Fuel Doctor was in their kit the very next day. Last but not least our 15 Hp Yamaha outboard has not skipped a beat even after long layovers. Best thing since sliced" bread." - Owen Davies from Queensland
    Owen Davies
  • https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/additives/fuel-additives/fuel-doctor-chamber-pack-1l-fdw03/p/A5519780?kwSearch=fuel%20doctor
  • 2010 Mitsubishi triton 2.5 turbo diesel, 251***kms overly impressed with Fuel Doctor, I have had injector noise for quite some time now, watch the video of fuel doctor, next day I went out an brought myself some, I’m on the second tank of diesel still have one more too go an let me tell you this stuff is amazing, feel the power gain, injector noise is gone, runs very smooth, best stuff you could ever add, 10/10 I recommend this too anybody who has injector noise, lack of power, I wouldn’t choose anything else.
  • This stuff is great!! My 2013 Nissan Navara D40 has only travelled 50,000km but has been idling roughly, a little rattly and lagging in acceleration when I put my foot down. I put it all down to it being a CR diesel. After one use of this product the idling smoothed out, acceleration was responsive like never before and the rattling CR diesel noise was gone...all in 5 minutes! I have since treated my 2016 Hayabusa motorcycle and reel mower - all run more smoothly and quieter. Thanks to Fuel Doctor I know my engine fuel systems are tip top. Can't overrate this product!! Mick S. Adelaide.
  • Have been happy to endorse the technical support before but now for the outcome Mine is a 60litre tank in a 29’ sloop tank hadn’t been used for some time. (Had been using a plastic tank instead for some years). Recommissioning the main tank  I had drained it and tried to filter the fuel with an external filter and pump but was still getting some muck  and greasy sludge on hoses when I used them. Put three litres of fuel doctor in to 30l of diesel and left it for a few weeks. The result was dark brown fuel which still ran. Given how little fuel I burn.  I emptied again and used the same three litres to 30 litre mixture. Result after a couple of weeks this time was clean fuel and a clean looking tank.  Short answer is that the fuel doctor additive worked  very well in a pretty far gone tank. No paid endorsement no discount offers just a good outcome and a great lot of help and support along the way. Thanks one and all.
  • My husband and I have a 45 foot yacht with a Yanmar 75hp diesel motor. We are currently situated in Malaysia. Unfortunately Fuel Doctor is not available over there and none of the substitutes come even close to the performance of Fuel Doctor. To the contrary they cause more problems than they fix. Thanks and Regards, Helen
  • Always been sceptical of these types of products. Just started using Fuel Doctor in a 30 year old Land Rover with 600k plus on the clock. Virtually eliminated smoky exhaust under load, holds better on hills. Brilliant product! Barryfrom Cape York
  • Just wanting to thankyou for the box of miracle fluid! I've been using in my hiace van which was burning oil from a sticky gummed up ring and it's now not burning oil and getting 8-9 litres per 100km approx 2-3 lph better. Brad
  • "Ford Australia could not fix the ticking noise in my 2016 XLT ranger have been putting up with noise for 30k km and has been to ford dealer 5 times and has not been fixed. I have used fuel doctor for 3 tanks with initial heavy dose and the ticking has gone completely gone. Highly rate this product I now enjoy driving my Ranger again" - Brad from Gold Coast
  • "I have religiously used Fuel Doctor in my 80 Series Landcruiser for around 15 years, recent complete draining of both tanks via the bottom drain plugs revealed absolutely no foreign matter present either in the form of water or other contaminants – a great result!!!! At more than 330 000 km on the original injectors the engine still starts instantly It blows virtually no smoke and still gives great economy and performance – a great result!!!! " - David from Sydney
    Rene Descartes
  • "Thanks for all your help and advice with the fuel on the 52 foot boat. The trip from Coffs to Sydney with a stop over in Newcastle was smooth sailing and boat performed exceptionally well." - Phillip from Pacific Boating
    Rene Descartes
  • "Thank you for your quick response in rectifying the contaminated diesel. Our machines were up and running for first thing Monday morning" - Peter Leonard Manager at All Roads
    Rene Descartes
  • "I’ve been using Fuel Doctor over the past 10 years in my boat, a 36 foot Riviera with Twin Cummins 330 diesel engine with a 1200Ltr fuel tank. I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody" - Ian from Manly QLD
    Rene Descartes
  • "When I read on the bottle of Fuel Doctor that I would be impressed I thought here we go again but what the heck, I'll give it a go. I'm not just impressed I am bloody impressed." - Dean Francis from Redland Bay QLD
    Henry Ford
  • "I've tried other brands like Nulon, Flash Lube and other fuel treatments but now I use Fuel Doctor in two of my vehicles and my boat and I’m totally blown away. My Nissan Pulsar before treatment was getting 540km per tank after just 1 treatment I'm getting 740km My Toyota Prado before treatment was getting 980km from 180 litres of fuel, after 1 treatment 1159km per tank, after 2 treatments 1398km per tank! Keep it up guys!" - James Duncan from Redland Bay QLD
    James Duncan
  • "Have used other injector cleaners with no results or improvement, After using your product, It’s remarkable." - Ray Turner from South Australia
    Ray Turner

Frequent Asked Questions

First time usage?
For vehicles with fuel tanks of less than 500 ltrs, where practical it is recommended to initially drain or pump any free water from the tank bottom, then treat at one litre Fuel Doctor per 100 ltrs or less of tank capacity per 100,000 kilometres the vehicle has travelled.

Example: vehicle has a 80 litre tank and has travelled 200.000 kilometres, treat with one litre of Fuel Doctor on two consecutive tanks, then ongoing at one millilitre per litre of fresh fuel.

Over Treating?

It is impossible to over treat with the Fuel Doctor, while we recommend following the treatment guidelines, Fuel Doctor is formulated so that it will not harm your fuel system or engine if you use more than recommended amount.

Contact us for further information.

Common rail diesel, diesel particulate filter?

Empirical and anecdotal evidence shows that Fuel Doctor decreases particulate material (unburnt fuel), numerous charter boat companies and bus companies have noted a substantial decrease in soot accumulation on the rear of buses and the transoms of boats, consequently consistent use of Fuel Doctor will decrease particulate build up in DPF’s.

Numerous tilt ray operators in Brisbane have noted that constant use of Fuel Doctor has dramatically reduced the frustrating regeneration cycles that have disrupted their cash flow.

Contact us for further information.

What does it do with the water and fungal material?

Fuel Doctor breaks the water and microbial molecules into sub micronic particles that are encapsulated into the detergent (Fuel Doctor) matrix allowing them to pass harmlessly through the fuel system to combustion.

Contact us for further information.