Dry Lakes Racers Australia  conducts an annual event called Speed Week on the salt of Lake Gairdner in South Australia.

This year Celebrates their 25th year

Monday 23rd March to Friday 27 March 2015.

In the harsh Australian desert where fuel is stored and decanted from drums of various materials and sizes contamination is a fact of life.

Fuel Doctor is a multi-faceted fuel system conditioner that neutralises moisture/microbial contamination thus keeping the fuel and fuel system in optimum condition.

Fuel Doctor is detergent based so keeps fuel system internals from tank to valve faces clean and free from accumulated gums and varnish.

Fuel Doctor is a lubricity improver that also introduces oxygenated molecules directly in to the combustion cylinder, increasing power and minimising wasteful emissions of unburnt fuel.

Fuel Doctor’s wishes (Loose Nut) Tom Rabold the best of luck in the Bullet Salt Racer and a safe run to Two Hundred Miles Per Hour

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