118812583011_0-1Fuel Doctor is a concentrated, industrial-grade fuel conditioner. It is extremely economical and adds less than one cent per litre to the cost of fuel. Based on recommended treatment rates, it is the most cost effective product in its class, with its true value being measured by the protection of of your fuel system and engine.

Most vehicle operators notice the difference that Fuel Doctor makes to overall driveability almost immediately.

In motor cars with an excess of 100,000kms Fuel Doctor provides the most dramatic results – eliminating rough idle and starting issues, plus substantial decreases in fuel consumption.

Using Fuel Doctor in a vehicle from new however provides the most outstanding results and long term cost savings.

Purchased new in 1992, Fuel Doctors’ Subaru Brumby (Brumbles) has been religiously treated with 25ml of Fuel Doctor at every fill since 1994. Now at 196,750kms we can see the benefits: fuel consumption around town averages 10 litres per 100kms; over 15 years only 4 sets of points and 4 sets of spark plugs have needed replacing; there are no oil leaks and the carburetor may look new or reconditioned but in fact it has never been removed, kitted or overhauled.


Purchased new in 1998, Fuel Doctors’ Ford XR8 5ltr V8 ute has likewise been religiously treated with Fuel Doctor at every fill since its first at 14 kilometres. Treatment was suspended for 4 fills during 2002 to facilitate a 150,000 kilometre dyno comparison. You can see in the graph it made an extra 6 kw of power with Fuel Doctor and the air:fuel ratio was substantially improved (less fuel more air). At the time of the results many made comment that running that lean would destroy the valves. 74,000kms later, she still returns 12 litres per 100kms around town and 10 litres on a run. These figures have been consistent for the past 194,000kms.

In the total of 224,000kms, the XR has had only 2 sets of spark plugs, and oil changes (in conjunction with Castrol oil analysis) have been increased from the Ford recommended 10,000kms to 20,000kms (since 150,000kms). She starts on the button and is smooth and quiet at 20,000kms and still maintains her original fuel economy with no oil leaks. Both Brumbles and the XR will have their first replacement exhaust systems fitted shortly.


Fuel Doctors’ XR8 and Falcon 6 cylinder service ute experienced power enhancement with Fuel Doctor as noted in the above dyno graphs.



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