Fuel Doctors formulated our proprietary blended tank and injector cleaner from necessity – initially specialising in the cleaning of underground fuel storage tanks for emergency power generation.



When presented with our first skid-mounted flat bottomed fuel tank, located directly under a generator, the tank posed numerous access problems. We had to resort to using off the shelf chemicals to flush and clean the tank. The abysmal results from this forced us to develop our chemical compound that could perform the required tasks in an industrial environment to an optimum standard.



HOW IT WORKS: Initially Fuel Doctor will scavenge free water (condensation) from tank internals into a sub-micronic emulsion, allowing the moisture to pass through the combustion process with no detrimental effects to fuel pumps, injectors or oxygen sensors (Bosch.com.au).

Microbial material is broken down into sub-micronic particles again passing through the combustion process without the inconvenience of blocked or restricted filters.

Gums and varnishes are dissolved from tank internals, lines, pumps, carburettors, injectors and importantly valve faces.

During combustion, microscopic amounts of gums and varnish attach themselves to injectors and valve faces. Vehicles that have travelled in excess of 100,000 kilometres will suffer a build up of gum and varnish. The remnants of the occasional tank of off-spec fuel will result in improper valve seating, robbing a nominal amount of compression from the cylinder. This decreases combustion efficiency and increases the amount of unburnt fuel. Unburnt fuel compounds the lacquering effect on valve faces and injectors. Fuel Doctor will remove these deposits, restoring power, economy and decreasing the emissions of unburnt fuel.

Additionally Fuel Doctor introduces increased lubricity to the fuel system, ensuring extended pump and injector life.

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