Unique in the fuel additive industry Fuel Doctor the product was formulated in 1994 as a tool of trade to complement  Fuel Doctors tank cleaning and engineering business, difficulties encountered in the cleaning  of inaccessible fuel tanks at  Service Stations, Truck Stops and Marinas, necessitated a chemical solution to overcome that lack of access.


Unique also is that we are the only fuel additive manufacturer that performs its research and development on a daily basis inside diesel and petrol tanks, within a diverse group of applications, that’s 5,500 working days to-date of research and development, we impart that knowledge to ensure you receive the absolute best service and advise.


As fuel composition and quality has evolved over the past twenty one years so has the formulation of Fuel Doctor, ensuring it is efficient and safe to use in all fuels and engine applications.


The contaminants that build up in storage tanks are predominantly water and microbial material, they migrate to your tank due to agitation during road tanker fills, the resulting emulsion can take many hours to settle below the suction point and is dependent on numerous factors that are explained at our website www.fueldoctors.com.au


The constant circulation of fuel from tank to injector rail, back to tank creates heat and condensation which are the prerequisites for microbial growth.


The most scrutinised fuel for quality assurance and preventative maintenance is aviation fuel, even with constant checking and removal of water, jet aircraft tanks are regularly cleaned  to remove the build-up of microbial contamination.


When was the last time you saw a sign at your local servo saying sorry we are closed, we are cleaning our fuel tanks.


Fuel Doctors refer to the microbial contamination (cladosporium resinae) as cancer of the fuel system, we all know it is out there, but no one knows when or how badly they are going to get it.


Note how many advertisements in auto magazines there are for servicing, repair and replacing injectors, injectors and fuel pumps are prematurely destroyed by contaminated fuel and its lack of lubricity, Fuel Doctor neutralises the contamination and increases lubricity.


Engine manufacturers advise you not to use fuel additives with good reason, they are kerosene based, kerosene is chemically abrasive to fuel pumps and injectors, Fuel Doctor is detergent based and none abrasive.


Kerosene is a hydrocarbon the same as your fuel, if you have microbial issues hydrocarbon based products will magnify your problem.


Trouble-shooting intermittent power issues (running like a hairy goat) with a scan tool that indicates zero faults, is indicative of fuel contamination.


In most instances a shock treatment of Fuel Doctor will rectify intermittent power issues, whilst avoiding potentially costly misdiagnosis.

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