Just a note to comment on the difference in my car after putting some Fuel Doctor when I filled up in Port Macquarie.

I work as a Sales Rep for a Wheel Company and cover an area Brisbane to Taree and Brisbane to Tamworth in the South and Moree in the West. I have noticed after purchasing a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero Petrol 3.8 litre in 2005 that I had varying fuel consumption figures depending on which Ampol or Caltex petrol station I filled up at, as I use a Caltex Fuel Card and am only allowed to use normal unleaded on my card. On the way down to Taree doing some city driving but mainly highway I got between 450 and 550 kilometers from a tank. My car had Approx 65,000kms on the clock when I put the Fuel Doctor as per directions on the bottle and noticed difference in fuel consumption when heading back to Brisbane. So much so that when I got to Ballina I stopped the car and turned the key off and on to check the gauge, thinking the Fuel Doctor had done something to the fuel gauge in the tank. I got approximately an extra 100kms from that tank and of course I am still using it and I get about 50kms around town. My car seems like it is making more horsepower because when on cruise control it doesn’t drop out of top gear as much as before. I have written this because I have always been dubious of fuels additives, calling them placebos but this is not the case with Fuel Doctor and I will happily recommend it to anybody.

PS My company pays for my fuel but because of the above I will continue to use this product it can only be good for my engine as I do about 70,000kms a year.


Ted Cavanagh

Sales Rep YHI Australia

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