Hi, This is just a message to say thank you for your advice, and a great product.

I just wanted to let you know after calling you on Monday (New Year’s Eve), I added 25ml of Fuel Doctor to the tank of my lawn mower. I then shook the mower around slightly, counted to 100, to allow time for the product to mix with the old petrol, and then like magic, my mower started after the 3rd/4th pull. I almost couldn’t believe it. I was so happy! What a great new year present, and a great start to 2013 you’ve given me.

I thought there must be an easier way to fix the petrol problem, so I went to a few hardware stores (who told me to change the petrol, but not to tip the mower upside down, which I was thinking of doing). And then I went to Supercheap Auto, and found Fuel Doctor by accident. The product said it would dissolve and disperse gum wax and varnishes in the fuel system, and I knew this was the root cause of the problem with the petrol in my mower. I went to the Fuel Doctor website, and found indeed, the product can also be used in lawn care equipment. My friend was sceptical though, and told me fuel additives rarely work on old petrol, and suggested I’d do all those hard things on my mower. I told him Fuel Doctor only costs , and I was willing to give it a try.

Now, I had such great results with this product, I’m going to continue to use this for my lawn mower and whipper snipper, so to prevent gum wax from forming, and ensuring easier starts in the future. As I said before, I hate gardening, so only use those equipment infrequently. I’m even going to add this to my car, which has done 230,000km to see if I can prolong the life of the engine.

Thank you again for an amazing, Australian made product. I am SUPER IMPRESSED.

Kind Regards, 

Elize Lew

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