133855460930_0Richard and Abel although challenged by the fact that their video assisted promotional equipment was trapped in their van, rose to the occasion, and presented an informative program, which soon had most of our members sitting alert and also asking all the relevant questions, covered, I suspect, many times over in your daily schedules.

I noticed a few members who had expressed doubts previously, and had actually told me, they never put “additives or treatments in their fuel”, actually purchase your products.

I was heartened by this, as one who has doubts in his own abilities to find informative guest speakers, capable of capturing the interest, of a wide field of differing opinions.However, last night any doubts on my part as to the success of the evening, were soon dispelled by the rush for product as your technicians completed their talk, and visual treatments of contaminated fuel.

As this evening was a one off for you, and we are grateful for your attendance and also your generous reduced prices and donation to our club, I urge you to perhaps tap into the 4×4 clubs as a viable means of spreading the word. There is no better seller than word of mouth, and one thing clubs have in bulk is heaps of diesel engines with grotty tanks.

As a user of your product I will make it my business to request feed back from our converted clubbers and to pass on that information to you. Possibly for selfish reasons, as I will take great pleasure from knowing your products have been an answer to a problem the majority were unaware of in the first place.

Thanks once again for a wonderful presentation,

Regards Andy Dale.

Public Relations.

Queensland Nissan Patrol 4WD Club.

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