Fuel Doctors History of service stations (filling stations) and their underground storage tanks

The very first filling station was at a pharmacy in Wiesloch, Germany, where Bertha Benz refilled the tank of the first motor car on its maiden trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim in 1888. Thereafter other […]

Detergents are not just for washing clothes

Detergents are not just for washing clothes and dishes, they are a very important attribute to the quality of your fuel. Internal combustion engines have always […]

How does water and rust get through my fuel filters?

Water, fungal growths and rust are the three elements that will prematurely destroy fuel pumps and injectors. Fungal growths (cladosporium resinae) in diesel have been an […]

Diesel Lubricity, the truth and nothing but the truth.

Sulphur for lubricity and its dramatic reduction in diesel fuel has been a hotly contested camp fire debate since the early 2000’s   Lubricity is most […]